Videographer and Photographer in Braga


We are Alexandra and António, born in Venezuela and France, respectively. In Portugal, especially in Braga, our paths crossed, giving rise to our love story, which includes our three lovely children. Beyond our mutual love, we discovered that something else connected us: a passion for photography. For us, photography is more than just images; it is a way to express emotions and tell stories through frozen moments in time. It has the unique and powerful ability to immortalize moments and convey intense feelings, such as love.

Based on this, we decided to maintain the brand created by Alexandra over 10 years ago, providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy a trustworthy brand - Alexandra Mieres Photography.


Photography awakens love. Through captured images, we can relive precious memories, retrieve past emotions, and reignite dormant feelings. It transports us back to happy moments, reminding us of the unique beauty present in each instant - "Photography functions as our memory. The difference is that we can share it. A photo holds smiles, tears, and hugs in a single click!"

This ability of photography to connect us with the past and evoke affectionate memories strengthens our love for the photographic art.


Commitment to Quality: Valuing the delivery of high-quality work. This involves attention to detail, technical mastery, and a continuous pursuit of excellence.

Professional Ethics: Professional ethics include honesty, integrity, and respect for clients, colleagues, and collaborators.

Empathy and Sensitivity: Capturing authentic emotions and visually telling stories requires empathy. Understanding clients' emotions and tuning into the environment is vital.

Adaptation and Creativity: The ability to adapt to different situations and be creative in various scenarios is essential to face challenges and create unique images.

Respect for Privacy: Photographers respect clients' privacy and understand the importance of handling personal images ethically.

Teamwork: Whether collaborating with other professionals like makeup artists or designers or working at events with clients, the ability to work as a team is valuable.

Creating Positive Experiences: Beyond capturing beautiful images, creating a positive experience for clients is crucial. This involves clear communication, empathy, and attention to detail.

A equipa de fotografia